Device ID
Passwordless device authentication service
Saves time and money as it combines the functions of several services:
  • face-to-face verification
  • anti-fraud
  • bot protection
  • data storage

Device ID application is already available in Apple Store and Google Play!
Device ID benefits:
  • Improves conversion by providing “One-click” login service
  • Reduces the number of fraudulent schemes, protects against bots and bypass blocking
  • Provides additional or alternative user authentication
  • Helps to controll user access to services only from verified devices (to ensure corporate security)
  • Reduces external costs (SMS messages, plastic cards, maintenance of development and support teams for similar services, etc.)
  • Provides access to a unique database of “verified” devices as additional protection against fraud
  • Solves the problem of accounts and/or discounts sharing among users (you can set discounts with personalization by device)
How it works
  • 1
    Connect to the DI platform via API
  • 2
    Choose in the client’s account services and tariff plans that you need, for example:
    • Authorization of users on the provider’s website via Device ID
    • Antifraud check
    • Identifies the number of devices used by the user
    • Receive analytical reports and reviews on the use of devices in your services
  • 3
    Get access to data on user activities as well as additional analytics for marketing and other purposes
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